To deeply know Tuscany, its sites, its tastes, smells, colors, we need to push ourselves into the more remote places, those are the furthest from commomplaces. We need to move into small characteristic villages, meeting local people to completely learn and understand the essence of Tuscan territory. The perfect way to accomplish this is to go to one restaurant, The Malborghetto, located in a small medieval hamlet named Lecchi in Chianti, in Gaiole’s district.


Opened and run by the chef Simone Muricci since 1999, on Saint Valentine’s days, after a careful restoration of the barn of the adjacent Church of Saint Martin, it still keeps ancient architectonical peculiarities and an amazing olive tree that welcomes our guests.


The restaurnat’s name, «Malborghetto», comes from the Renaissance Period where the word was used to indicate border outposts where evil doers and politicians too famous to be killed were sent. But in our era Malborghetto has no longer the old meaning: it rather is a place where we are always welcomed with a smile, in which we can find, mixed, tradition, conviviality and quality, all enclosed in an intimate and familiar atmosphere •


«Eating, it is incorporating a territory» (Jean Brunhes), consequently in every stay in Tuscany it’s absolutely forbidden to miss the taste of «ciccia» (the meat). Whether it is the famous Fiorentina, the sliced beef, the lamb or the Tuscan sauce, at Malborghetto you will find only the best meat.


Seasonal vegetables grown in our garden, without use of pesticides, allowing us to respect and meet necessities of vegetarians and of the most refined palates. Traditional recepies, handed down from the «Nonna» (the Grandmother) for generations, creating unique dishes in their taste and simplicity, enhancing flavors long forgotten.


Do not miss from the menu also dishes with truffles, cod, tomato soup, bruschetta, delicious desserts, all cooked to their best with the best ingredients, from skillful hands of those who put in their dishes the heart, so that there is not only a momentary pleasure, but a lasting memory, which allows customers to take a «piece of Chianti» with them •


You can not fully understand what you are eating until you have the opportunity to see it being cooked, and at Malborghetto you have the opportunity to be led by chef Simone Muricci in the creation of a Tuscan menu, from appetizers to desserts.


«Wake up at 9 and let’s go in the kitchen!» Ready to start the day in the name of traditional flavors and smells. The culinary experience lasting about 3 hours, allows guests to learn how to make classic Tuscan dishes and then taste them in the intimate dining room or in the beautiful garden, all matched with a selection of the remarkable wines of Chianti Classico. An unforgettable experience to give to yourself, to friends or reltives, to share funny moments and memories, because we know: «in the kitchen everything is much better if cooked with love and joy».


During the morning we create a complete menu, chosing between «Menu della Nonna» (Grandmother’s menu) and «Menu Tartufo» (fresh truffle menu). Both includes preparation of apetizer, fresh pasta with its sauce, main course and dessert •

«Tuscan Food Experience»

👫 From 2 to 6 people


 Start at 9:30am

Duration: about 3 hours

«Truffle Experience»

👫 From 2 to 6 people


 Start at 9:30am

 Duration: about 3 hours


 Ingredients: according to season

 Personalization: at the request

Partecipants: min.2 max 6

In the Price: course, lunch, drinks

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